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The universe is a moving, spinning place ..... I have always been drawn to things that conveyed this energy. As a university student focusing on kinetic sculpture, as a filmmaker and now as a painter, this kinetic energy is central to my work. I build up layers of paint, combine metallic elements and play them off against hardedge graphics to keep this movement alive in a dynamic built on contrast and juxtaposition.

What others have said…..


“Bill’s technique uses graphic elements which act as a contrast to the more abstract background. His paintings have a dynamic quality yet provide a safe field in which the viewer can roam.”


“Discovering an artist with an established career who is perpetually searching, experimenting and stretching his creative voice is a joy for a collector. Bill Snider has that voice; a voice which is energetic with imagination, a voice that is invigorating and always compelling.”          


“Bill’s work has this wonderful juxtaposition of strong graphics and a painterly sensibility. The dynamic shapes and confident palate are prominent yet loose marks and splattered color infuse the work with a spontaneous, kinetic quality. The scratched, scribbled, sprayed processes employed in the pieces have an urban flavor that is reminiscent of the graffiti movement. The work commands, provokes and impacts in the most gripping way.”        


“Bill Snider’s paintings are quite stunning and his work has an assertive physical presence conveying a concentrated sense of intensity and passion.  Highly collectable!”

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