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Is it a painting or a sculpture?  Both.


The method of sawing, sanding and building would say “sculpture”.  The application of paint with a brush says “painting”.  Perhaps it’s a flat sculpture.  A painting that engages and begs to be touched.


Each painting is abstract in nature but with a structural base, forming a combination of non-objective shapes with hard edged elements that wrap around the side of the piece.


The process, which I refer to as “elemental reduction” involves the application of multiple layers of paint which are gradually removed by sanding.  This removal creates both subtle shading and bold marks.  There’s a fair amount of mystery.  After a layer of paint is applied and sanded, a clear coat is applied which protects the painted areas and gives depth to the piece.  Often there will be six to eight clear coats before the painting is complete.  In the final phase, more clear layers are added and the whole surface is buffed to be less reflective and more subtle.  The resulting finish is like an old piece of lacquered furniture, nice to the touch and very durable.


This is a process of turning simple materials into something unexpected and elegant.

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